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Introduction To Corporate Finance

Introduction To Corporate Finance
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Introduction To Corporate Finance

Product Description

In this book, you will gain an understanding of time-honored financial concepts and rules, and how these can be applied to value firms, bonds, and stocks.

We will cover the time value of money, cost of capital and capital budgeting. You will be using Excel for many process including valuing bonds and stocks, computing NPV and finding IRR.

Participants from all backgrounds will be prepared to participate on the ever-evolving financial playing field.

What you'll learn:-

  • How to value any asset
  • Decide which projects to take out of the many a corporation might be considering
  • Compute the return on any project
  • Compute the value that a project adds
  • Value a bond and compute its yield
  • Value a stock using a simple model (i.e., determine the fair price of a stock)
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  • Series: BS-0007
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