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Business Analytics

Business Analytics
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Business Analytics

Product Description

Business Analytics is not based on rote memorization of equations or facts but focuses on honing your understanding of key concepts, your managerial judgment, and your ability to apply book's concepts to real business problems.

This book begins with basic descriptive statistics and progresses to regression analysis. You'll learn concepts in the context of performing A/B testing on a website, using sampling to check warehouse inventory, predicting home video sales based on box office performance, and forecasting staffing needs for a hotel front desk. Throughout the book, you will receive clear guidance on how to implement analytical techniques in Excel. No matter your job function or career aspirations, this book will demystify data analysis and equip you with concrete skills to apply in your work or further studies.

Participating in Business Analytics will allow you to:

  • Recognize trends, detect outliers, and summarize data sets concisely
  • Analyze relationships between variables
  • Develop and test hypotheses to inform managerial decisions
  • Craft sound survey questions and draw conclusions from samples of a larger population
  • Estimate the accuracy of statistics by calculating confidence intervals
  • Perform single and multiple variable regression analysis using Excel and interpret the output
Ex Tax: ¥20,100
  • Series: BS-0005
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